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Dr. Mustapha Bin Osman

Translation by Syed Zulfilda S.M. Noor

The First Malay To Become A Pathologist


Dr. Mustapha was born on 19 January 1900. He had his secondary education at the Penang Free School. Later, the State Government of Kedah sent him to further his education to the University of Hong Kong in 1919.

Upon receiving his Rockefeller Fellowship scholarship, he continued his studies in the field of pathology in the United Kingdom. He was the first Malay to become a pathologist.


  • Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (1918).
  • Member of the teaching staff in the University of Hong Kong
  • State Surgeon, Kedah (1930)
  • Member, Legislative Council of the Federation (1951)

He retired in 1955 and died in 1975 in Penang. To honour his contributions and services, he was bestowed with medals and Distinguished Orders of Chivalry. Among them were the "Efficiency Medal' in 1949 and the Badlishah Decoration of Loyalty.

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