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Yb. Dato' Haji Hanafi Bin Ramli

Translation by Syed Zulfilda S.M. Noor


Dato' Haji Hanafi was born on 6th December 1943 in Tunjang, Jitra, Kedah. He had his early education at the Sungai Korok Public School, Changleh, Mukim of Naga in 1950. In 1953, he continued his schooling at the Tunjang Malay School. His interest in Mastering the English Language was enhanced when he started studying at the Sultan Ahmad Tajudin English School, Jitra, even though the classes were held at night.

After completing Form 5, his application to work with the government department was approved. Later, he resigned from government service to concentrate on business. While he was traveling to and fro Medan, Sumatra in the course of his business activities, he later enrolled himself at the Islamic University of Northern Sumatra (UISU), and four years later, he graduated with a degree in Political Science.


  • Chairman, Committee of Bumiputera Petty Traders
  • Chairman, Tobacco Industry Committee, State of Kedah
  • Chairman, Kedah Public Transportation Advisory Council
  • Chairman and Advisor, Editorial Board of Warta Darul Aman
  • Board member of KEDA
  • Chairman, Museum Board of Kedah
  • Deputy Chairman, PERNAS (1st March 1991)
  • Chairman, Malaysian Tourist Promotion Board (1st August 1993)
  • Chairman, PROMTO Berhad
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Dunlop Estates Berhad
  • Executive Chairman, HBR Holdings Group

Political Involvements

  • Member of UMNO Youth, Kubang Pasu Division
  • Secretary, State UMNO Youth Education Bureau
  • Member of Kedah State Legislative Assembly for Tunjang (1978-1981)
  • Assistant Head, Kubang Pasu UMNO Division
  • Member, State Executive Council (28th April 1982)
  • Assistant Head, Kubang Pasu UMNO Division

Social and Professional Activities

  • Secretary, Baling Club
  • Chairman, Islamic Students Association of Kedah State (1967-1969)
  • Alor Setar Youth Association (1969-1973), which represents one of the few youth movementd that concentrate in guiding and helping Malay students who are unable to continue their studies in government schools.
  • Secretary, 4B Youth Movement (1969-1978)
  • Chairman, 4B Youth Movement of Kedah State (1978-1981)
  • Secretary, Kedah State Youth Council
  • Exco, Association of Islamic Students, Malaysia
  • Exco, Malaysian Youth Council
  • Secretary General, Malaysian 4B Youth Movement
  • Member, National Youth Consultative Council
  • Responsible for the formation of the Kedah Foundation for the Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In appreciation of his services and contributions to the state and country, Dato' Haji Hanafi was bestowed several awards, which include the Dato' Setia DiRaja Kedah (D.S.D.K.), the Setia Muadzam Shah (S.M.S.), the Kesatria Mangku Negara (K.M.N.), the Ahli Mahkota Kedah (A.M.K.), the Ahli Mangku Negara (A.M.N.), the Pingat Jasa Kebaktian (P.J.K.) and subsequently appointed as a Justice of the Peace (J.P.)

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