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Haji Mohamad Sheriff Bin Osman

Translation by Haji Hashim Bin Samin


Haji Mohamad sheriff Bin Osman was an administrator and leader born of commoner parentage at a time when the administration of the State was run by aristocrats with such titles as Tunku, Syed and Wan. He was born on August 5 1890 at Seberang Sungai Raja, Alor Setar. He went to Penang Free School, an English school, where he studied up to Standard 7.

In the earlier years of his employment as an administrator, Haji Mohamad Sheriff was appointed to old many important posts in the Kedah State Government. Some of his appointments were as an interpreter in the English Advisor's Office in Alor Setar in 1907, as Assistant Secretary of the State Council in 1910, as Head for Land Development in 1912, as Assistant State Secretary in 1915 and as State Secretary from 1931 till 1948. He was also appointed as the State's first Menteri Besar from 1948 till 1954.

As a mark of recognition for his excellent service as the Menteri Besar of Kedah, he was coferred with several awards, some of which were the 'Award of Kedah Long Service Medal' by His Majesty Sultan Abd. Hamid, the C.BE. and the C.MG. by the King of England in London and the 'Kedah Medal of Merit' by His Majesty Sultan Badlishah.

Haji Mohamad sheriff died on 27 September 1962, aged 72 , andwas laid to rest at the Akar Peluru Muslim cemetery in Alor Setar

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