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Dato' Mohamed Farouk bin Che Ibrahim

Translation by Syed Zulfilda S.M. Noor


Dato' Mohamed Farouk bin Che Ibrahim was born on 24 December 1948 in Alor Star, Kedah. After completing his secondary education in Sultan Abdul Hamid College, he continued his education at University of Malaya majoring in Management and Public Administration. He also attended a Local Government Course at the Local Autonomy College in Japan under the Colombo Plan Scholarship. Later, he attended a Strategic Management Course at the Asian Institute of Management in Philippines .

Career :

  • State Administrative Cadet (1970)
  • Secretary, Sungai Petani Municipal Council (1973)
  • Land Revenue Collector, Baling (1976)
  • Confidential Secretary to His Royal Highness The Sultan of Kedah (1977)
  • Land Revenue Collector, Kulim (1980)
  • Land Revenue Collector, Kota Star (1982)
  • District Officer, Pendang (1984)
  • District Officer, Bandar Baharu (1987)
  • District Officer, Padang Terap (1990)
  • District Officer, Kulim (1996)
  • District Officer, Kubang Pasu (1997)
  • District Officer, Kota Star (2001)
  • Deputy State Secretary (Administration) (2001)
  • Deputy State Secretary (Development) and Director of State Economic Planning Unit (2003)

In recognition of his achievements, he was bestowed the the Bintang Cemerlang Kedah (B.C.K.), Ahli Mahkota Kedah (A.M.K.), Setia Di Raja Kedah (S.D.K.) and Dato' Setia Di Raja Kedah (D.S.D.K.)

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