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The Three Million Dollar Wedding

By Syed Moharnmed bin Syed Hassan Shahabudin dan M G Knowles
"Malaysia in History"

DYMM Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah.

DYMM Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah with Che Manjalara.

In 1906, over a period of three months, a series royal marriages took place at Alor Star, when five of Sultan Abdul Hamid's children were married.

As these were the first of the Sultan's children to be married, His Highness decided that the celebrations should be on a grand scale, and that the whole State should join in the preparations and festivities. Accordingly, a few months beforehand the Districts were informed and given their instructions.

Among other things, this meant the supplying of vast quantities of rice, fowl, cattle and so forth, but even so, or perhaps because only the best would do, buffaloes were also brought from Slam. As their contribution to the celebrations, the Districts donated a certain amount of food, but overall requirements were greatly in excess of this, and were met by His Highness.

Each District was asked to put up a "balai" in Alor Star, constructed in its own style. These were used for the reception of guests later on. They were erected on the open triangular space in the centre of the town, between the Balai Besar and the Mosque, on what is now called "Padang Court" (the lawn in front of the Court House). The P.W.D. Headquarters (originally the Court House) is on the third side of the Padang.





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