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The Pelamin Palace

By Dato' Haji Wan Shamsuddin b. Mohd. Yusof
(Translated by Syed Zulfilda S.M. Noor )

The Pelamin Palace or The House of Pelamin was built in the year 1736 during the reign of HRH Sultan Muhammad Jiwa (1710-1778). This palace became the place of residence of HRH Sultan of Kedah and a number of royal ceremonies were held in this palace.

The Pelamin Palace had undergone several changes since its destruction by the Bugis in 1771 and abandoned during the Siam occupancy from 1821 until 1842.

The Pelamin Palace consists of 3 main sections and these are:

  • The right section was known as the House of Pelamin.
  • The central section was the residence for women and children.
  • The third/left section was once stayed by the HRH. Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah.

After several years, HRH. Sultan Abdul Hamid moved to the rear section of the Pelamin palace.

The main function of the Pelamin Palace is the residence of the royal family and relatives. In the year 1851, the Pelamin Palace was refurbished by the late HRH Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Mukarram Shah.

In those days, the Pelamin Palace was the place for wedding feasts, wedding ceremonies and several other royal ceremonies. This palace was named the "Pelamin Palace" after the most joyous royal wedding ceremony was held there in 1904. It was the wedding of five princes and princesses of the late HRH Sultan Abdul Hamid. Today, the Pelamin Palace is turned into the Kedah Royal Museum that was opened to the public in 1983.





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