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Kedah Maju 2010

Translation by: Haji Hashim bin Samin

Development Strategy

The main challenge for the Kedah Darul Aman State in the Kedah Maju 2010 Action Plan is to ensure that the people of Kedah Darul Aman can enjoy a level of development that guarantees comfort and prosperity. The "growth with equity" approach to achieve a holistic and balanced development, and the focus on long-term growth will ensure the achievement of this goal. Four items which are emphasized for balanced development are:

To achieve GDP growth rate of 15 % annually
To re-distribute the state's wealth accrued as a result of economic development fairly amongst all in the society.
To develop human resources that are knowledgeable for long-term economic development and global competitiveness as well as create a society that is patriotic, resilient and moral.
(4) To carry out physical balanced development throughout the state towards robust development to ensure the environment and natural resources are preserved for future generations.

Four (4) core strategies have been identified as performance drivers for the Kedah Maju 2010 Vision as follows:

  1. To develop a dynamic, progressive, resilient and competitive economy:
    • endeavour to achieve a GDP growth rate of 15% annually.
    • Focus on the industrial, ICT, tourism, agriculture and infrastructure sectors.
    • Foster the formation of "Knowledge Economy".
    • Human Resources Development.

  2. To implement balanced development and form a just and fair society
    • eradicate poverty amongst the poorest groups and reduce relative poverty.
    • Encourage Bumiputera participation in the main economic activities.
    • Establish a development corridor encompassing undeveloped districts.
    • Increase infrastructural facilities, utilities and rural social facilities.
    • Develop an integrated Entrepreneurial Development Plan.
    • Increase environmental monitoring and pollution control.
    • Increase sensitivity towards the value of the environment amongst the younger generation.

  3. To establish a Knowledgeable and Resilient Society:
    • Enhance the quality of life of the people.
    • Increase educational facilities.
    • Encourage life-long learning.
    • Encourage the nurturing of a caring society.
    • Nurture spiritual and moral development amongst the youth.
    • Prepare housing, recreational and sports facilities.

  4. To strengthen the administrative machinery to implement the Kedah Maju 2010 Development Plan:
    • Establish Electronic Government to increase efficiency.
    • Enhance development planning machinery of the state.
    • Prepare training and equipment facilities.
    • Fortify the state financial position.

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