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  Kedah Golden Heritage and Glory

This segment will take you to explore the early civilisation of the oldest state in Malaysia with its own fascinating myths and legends.

  Alor Star In Focus

In the city of Alor Star, there are many historical buildings with it's own unique architecture. Explore Alor Star In Focus to get to know about it's uniqueness. Learn about it's administration, culture, architecture, landscape and many more.
  Hall Of Fame

Among The First In Malaysia From Kedah
Profiles of personalities from Kedah who were the first in their chosen sphere of knowledge.

Famous PersonalitiesDocumentation of famous Kedah personalities who have made significant contributions in uplifting Kedah's image in the eyes of the world.

Chief MinistersHighlighting the profiles of Chief Ministers of Kedah in leading Kedah; "The Rice Bowl of Malaysia" towards development and prosperity.
Kedah State Secretaries—Highlighting the profiles of the Kedah State Secretaries in administering Kedah towards prosperity. gemilang.
Kedah State Executive Councilors—Presenting the line-up of Kedah State Executive Councilors, the most important administrative machinery of the state.
Kedah State Civil Service OfficersHighlighting the line-up of the Kedah State Civil Service Officers in the state departments.
  Opportunities and Attractions
A collection of web sites of government departments, private sector and institutions of higher learning in Kedah.
Consisting of various maps such as Structural plans, Local plans, Industrial sites, Topography and others.
  Kedah Maju 2010
Kedah Development Action Plan 2010 consists of two important aspects, that is the objective which will highlight the state's path towards development and the economic development action plan which is dynamic, progressive, competitive and resilient.


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